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Roof Repairs Dublin

For the best in quality roof repairs in Dublin, contact us today.

For over two decades, MJ Roofing Contractors provided clients all over Dublin with the best roof repair. From small leaks to slate replacements to shingle repairs, our experts can diagnose the issue with your Dublin roof and provide an immediate repair.


Using the latest equipment and techniques, we not only repair your roof but can reinforce it to stop these kinds of issues from reoccurring. Roof repair is essential; when issues are caught early, they stop much more significant problems from developing. So call the experts at MJ Roofing Contractors today if you see a leak, damp spots or missing slats on your roof.

To discuss our cost-effective roof repairs in Dublin contact us today.

Roofing Services

Advantages of Roof Repairs Dublin

Prevents further damage:

A small leak today can become a major structural issue tomorrow.

Extends roof lifespan:

Taking care of your roof with regular maintenance and repairs can significantly extend its lifespan.


Addressing minor repairs early on is significantly cheaper than dealing with extensive damage later.

Improves property value:

A well-maintained roof with proper repairs enhances your property's overall value, especially if you plan to sell.

Roof Repairs Dublin

How much does Roof repair cost?

This depends on the extent and type of damage. Call us today to organise a customised quote.

I need a Dublin roof repair near me. What is your catchment area?

We’re available all over Dublin City and Dublin County.

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